Aims and Objectives

This school is primarily meant to provide pupil with sound education based on religious and moral values to all, irrespective of religious, caste or community, paying respect to their religious feeling and freedom of conscience.

The school aims not merely at preparing its pupils to qualify for the board examinations but also at achieving excellence in every aspect of educational activity: spiritual, academic, cultural, social and physical-by-developing their character and personality through graded responsibility, personal guidance and social awareness, thus forming them into leaders in the intellectual and civic life of the country.

This this end in view and guided by the Christian principles, and in keeping with the signs of the times and the motto of our school Light, Love and Life, we try to build up in our students proper interests, attitudes and a sense of values, they have to uphold in life.

To attain this goal, we make a careful selection of students from the applicants and demand of them, always to uphold truth, accept the hierarchy of values, be clear on principles, be courageous in action and be willing to build a more just social order. Thus, we demand of them high standards in ideals and attainments so as to become "The Light of the world".

Accordingly, our activities are geared towards inculcating in our staff members and students a deep and firm faith in God, which should be manifested in their respect for spiritual values and their concern for their fellow men.

Thus the school aims at the integral formation of the young. Their parents are requested to be co-operative with the staff and management in this noble task of attaining the above aims and objectives.