School Fees

Fee can be paid either in lump sum at the beginning of the academic year or in 5 instalments. Special fees etc. are to be paid along with the instalment of tuition fee. If any pupil fails to pay the fees on any instalment he shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs 50/-. The defaulter may not be allowed to attend the class from the first of the succeeding month. In case a defaulter is permitted to attend the class on any special ground, a progressive fine will be imposed for each month of delay.

To the deserving poor students' fee concession may be given as far as the financial condition of the school permits. No concession will however, be granted to students who repeat the year.

Students have to clear all their dues for the year before their final assessment.
No students will be allowed to write the final assessment without having cleared all their dues connected with library, laboratory and any damage caused in the course of the year.
The fees, once paid (including bus fees), will not be refunded on any account.
School Management offers scholarships to deserving students who are financially poor, but talented and studios.

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