Picnics and Tours

Picnic and tours are part of study and class activity and hence all are expected to join them. It is meant to encourage and strengthen friendliness and love for each other. It is also meant to provide relaxation and fun and develop knowledge of places and people.

Class teachers of all division will plan together for a one day tour and finalize the destination, date and time with detailed program. Tours shall not be very close to assessment.

All picnics and tours shall be arranged with prior approval of the principal. He shall be furnished with the complete details of participants itinerary and schedules in advance. On return, a detailed report of events and expenses incurred shall be presented to the principal.

School authorities, management or staff will not be held responsible for any accident or mishap during picnics, tours or excursions. A written document signed by the parents to this effect shall be given to the office through class teachers one day before they start.