Co-Curricular Activities

School gives great importance to co-curricular activities of many kinds. Thus, we try to draw out the best in the students helping him/her to develop all the talent skills and talents.

The important co-curricular activities are: computer activities, handicraft, audio-video programs, dance both Eastern and Western, Instrumental and vocal music, painting, gardening, class magazines, public speaking, leadership camp, school band, stamp collection, flower arrangement, School newsletter, NCC roller skating, social services etc. The service of expert teachers and coaches are made available to impart good training to students in the above activities.

Science club fosters students' interest in science and technology and enables them to develop their talents, power of investigation and research. It also arranges talks by eminent persons on scientific topic, film and video shows, trips to places of scientific importance, science exhibitions, quiz competitions, debates etc. both on local and inter school basis, thus it develops the competitive spirit too.

The Literacy Club encourages the students to expose and develop their inborn talents to the fullest extent. Several competitions and cultural programs are held to groom them to face inter-school competitions. The literary forum organizes literary and cultural meetings every week.

Athletics and Games: The students are divided into four houses: Blue, Green, Yellow and Red, and are given coloured uniforms, which they have to wear every Saturday. Mass PT, and coaching in athletics, games roller skating, and other physical activities are given regularly. House wise competitions and displays are arranged occassionally. The annual sports day crown the year's activities.